Planning Your Room Theme

Putting together a room theme? Then you'll want to consider these areas as you make your plans.

  • What room are you going to be doing? Is it painted, wallpapered, will it need to be primed or stripped?
  • Is there any furniture that must stay? If it stays, can it be painted or altered? Do you need to get new furniture?
  • What color scheme?
  • Do you have less choice because you rent?
  • Do you have any accessories that can be used in the room?  Can you save on your budget by re-using something from another part of your house and changing it up by reupholstery, or painting, or staining?
  • How hands-on are you – are you crafty, can you paint artistically or not? What about stencils or stamps?
  • How big is your room? Are your plans too big for your room?
  • Stuck for ideas? what are your favorite things? What things inspire you?