How To Tips

How to get started creating a room theme for decorating your child's room. Create the perfect room to celebrate your child's personality. Whether you're decorating your first baby nursery, or redecorating for a toddler or older child – you'll have fun putting it all together.

Painting Techniques

Painting Techniques: Comb Painting, Effects Using 2 Paint Colors, Painting Clouds, Murals, Using Texture, Using Chalkboard Paint, Magnetic Paint, Dry Brushing, Ragging, Sponging, Stippling

Choosing Colors for Your Room

Choosing Colors: Great combinations, colors make the mood, using a theme to choose your paint color

Working with Wallpaper

Wallpapers and Borders: selecting paint colors based on your wallpaper or border theme, combining wallpaper patterns, combining wallpaper and paint effects, creative use of wallpaper to make one of a kind accessories