Theme Ideas

Ideas, Tips and Tricks to make your themed room decor come alive.

Kids bedroom furniture

Kids bedroom furniture sets are a great way to make a childs room a special place Parents enjoy decorating their child's bedroom with all of the things the child loves the most. Children's bedroom furniture is generally picked out before the decorating begins. Once the child is old enough to be … [Read more...]

Zebra Print Bedding For The Adventurous Spirit

A bedroom can be romantic, restful or fun. For the adult, it is a place to sleep, relax and find love. For a child it is a world of fantasy and fun, with bright colors and lots of toys. For the teenager it is a place to hide and call their own. It is the place they dream about the past, the present … [Read more...]

Theme Ideas for Your Tween Girl’s Room

Decorating a room for your daughter can be a challenge if she is a newly minted tween. Most tweens are ready to begin making some of their own decisions about color and style, and some of their ideas are things you’d probably never consider! Let’s take a look at some of the trends for tween gir … [Read more...]

5 Room Theme Ideas for Tween Boys

Tour the Galaxy – Set up your growing astrophysicist in a spacy room complete with planetary bodies, stars, nebula and comets.  Galaxy bedding set with stars, Saturn like planets with rings, wormholes, on a deep black background. Pair with light neutral walls, and add some glow in the dark stars on t … [Read more...]

Paradiso – Paradise for Baby

  Paradiso 6-Piece Crib Bedding Set includes: Quilt, Dust Ruffle, Fitted Crib Sheet, Bumper, Diaper Stacker and Window Valance. Bright colors and lots of animals with a sunshine icon make this bedding set special. Neutral tones, with blues. There are wallpaper borders available as well … [Read more...]