Theme Ideas

Ideas, Tips and Tricks to make your themed room decor come alive.

Chevron Zig Zag Style


The chevron pattern is popping up everywhere. This popuar zig zag pattern comes in many variations, some a single color alternating with white, some two colors alternating, some with multiple colors, the pattern differences and color combinations are endless. You can see chevron on drapes or curtains, rugs, bedding, accent pillows, furniture like chairs or […]

Safari Chic


A look at safari chic, decor with a wild style. These are all grown up versions of safari, lush and chock full of animal prints and patterns. Warm browns, creams and beiges make the color palette. So many different ways to interpret this theme, and so many great African styled baby room accessories to choose […]

Disney Princess Collage


Here’s a Disney Princess collage of all princessy items. There’s bedding, beds, pillows, lamps and storage bins. All featuring a Disney Princess or two or three! My daughter loved these when she was younger.

Decorate a Disney Princess Room


Girls just love princesses, and with their sparkles and pink and purple accessories, your girl will love her bedroom!

Tropical Girls Room


Bright vibrant colors, teals, greens, pinks, oranges and yellows. Hibiscus, tiny paper umbrellas, tropical colors. This includes so many different patterns, some are less vibrant than others, but they combine to make your tween happy. Like living in vacation-land.

Kids bedroom furniture


Kids bedroom furniture sets are a great way to make a childs room a special place Parents enjoy decorating their child’s bedroom with all of the things the child loves the most. Children’s bedroom furniture is generally picked out before the decorating begins. Once the child is old enough to be sleeping in a youth […]