Blues and Lavender, too!

Okay, so there is a definite theme going with the colors for today. I guess you could say I have the blues, but not sad ones! These floral inspired color ideas are inspiring with shutters and flowerboxes, hydrangea and lavender. Which is your favorite? I love the three middle colors from the … [Read more...]

Color Schemes Inspired by Birds

Color schemes inspired by some of nature's most colorful plumage. Not sure who the rust colored (rufous) and teal guy is above - he's so pretty! The Lilac Breasted Roller has colors like an Easter Egg. … [Read more...]

Paris for Baby

Here's a Paris inspired style board. This one features a muted color scheme with lots of fine detail. The Eiffel tower, fluer de lis and gilt all make appearances, as do filigree and luxe fabrics. Would you expect anything less from such a grand romantic city? French Farmhouse Baby Bedding set … [Read more...]

Purple Cats, Popping Flowers and Pirates

Some color scheme ideas for your theme. Lots of fun, something wild, something relaxing, all colorful! Click to see larger images. These images brought to you by the letter "Y". … [Read more...]

Pattern Gallery

When decorating a room, there's more to it than just picking out a color or piece of furniture. Add some character to your room with pattern, on upholstered items, with pillows, curtains or other window treatments or on the floor with area rugs. Here's a gallery of classic pattern types with … [Read more...]