Cool things to add to your decor, accents and more.

Painted Wall Murals & Photo Walls

Painted Wall Murals make big impact on your wall These murals are huge, but easily installed. A mural like this makes big impact in your room - use it along the wall you face when you enter the room for the most impact. Gorgeous colors and beautiful themes, there are so many to choose from. A mural … [Read more...]

Wall Hangings and Murals

These handpainted wall hangings by Drooz Studio are sure to become a classic. Favorites for years, these are high quality hand painted canvas wall hangings most complete with rod and ribbon hangers. Available in many designs and motifs - there is one to fit your room theme and decor. … [Read more...]

Using Decorative Outdoor Flags in Your Child’s Room

Decorative outdoor flags are a great way to accessorize and accent your child’s room theme. Decorative flags are usually made from polyester, dyed with permanent dye to resist fading and are very kid friendly and durable. The flags come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors and can be very i … [Read more...]

Wall Letters for Your Kid’s Wall

Accessorizing Kids Rooms with Wood Letters Colorful, theme specific letters for hanging on the wall. Spell out your child's name, their favorite pasttime, sport, anything! These make a great touch for any kids room and come in so many colors! There are designs to fit almost any theme. These are only … [Read more...]

Accessories for Your Disney Princess Room

More things to go with your Disney Princess room. These are well liked by the toddler and pre-school crowd - my daughter is looking for Ariel-anything! You can find everything from mirrors to pillows, chairs, toy boxes, rockers, even complete doors featuring some of the Disney princesses. Most come … [Read more...]