Using Decorative Outdoor Flags in Your Child’s Room

Decorative outdoor flags are a great way to accessorize and accent your child’s room theme.

Decorative flags are usually made from polyester, dyed with permanent dye to resist fading and are very kid friendly and durable. The flags come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and colors and can be very inexpensive.

They are easy to hang, but think beyond the traditional flag when you place these in your room.

Flags can be used in these ways:

  • Wall hangings, alone or in groups
  • Window treatment, valance, topper
  • Add color to an existing canopy
  • Even hang them as a traditional flag

Flag Ideas to Get You Started

Garden Flower Theme for a girl's room.

Sports flags for a boy's room.

Making Wall Hangings from Decorative Flags

You’ll need these items per flag:

  • a length of wooden dowel equal to the width of your flag plus 4 inches.
  • Something to tie to your dowel to hang the flag:
  • Ribbon to tie to the dowel to hang the flag, you can use one piece, or multiple lengths in different colors, get creative!
  • Nylon fishing line to hang these, if you don’t want the decorative effect the ribbon gives.
  • Sisal or nylon rope, these come in colors and can work well in boys rooms.
  • Raffia also comes in colors and longer lengths are available. Great in for a natural touch.

You can paint your dowels to match your room, but it’s not absolutely necessary.

Assemble your wall hanging:

  • Thread the flag onto the dowel, centering it.
  • Measure your ribbon, allowing room to tie it, a good rule of thumb: at least 1 and ½ times the width of the dowel.
  • Tie your ribbon to each end of the dowel. (You can embellish the ends with bows, streamers of ribbon, or even beads)
  • Hang your wall hanging on a small nail, or cup hook, or decorative hooks that match your room.

As a Valance or Window Topper:

You’ll need an additional curtain rod that fits over your sheer curtain. You’ll also need 1 or more flags depending on the size of the window. Our window is 24” so we’ll be using two of the same flags. We already have long solid colored sheer curtains in this room – you can coordinate your flags with what you already have, or purchase new curtain panels that take their cue from the flag colors or pattern.

Mount the curtain rod using the hardware it came with. Then thread your flags onto the rod. Hang the curtain rod, and then adjust the flags to take up all the space on the rod. You’re done and it looks great!  You could also mix and match different designs and shapes on your window.