Accessories for your Room Design and Theme

There are so many great items you can use to accessorize your room theme. Looking for ideas for off the wall, different, accessories? Tired of the same old pillows? We're collecting the best ideas here.

Ideas for Accessories:

  • Does your child collect paint chips from the home improvement store? Collect them over time and laminate to the top of a small table, or small chair or stool for a colorful addition to any room. Fun and easy, ask your child to help you arrange the paint chips. Idea from Sandi K. in Texas.
  • Our son likes to keep his Lego's boxes that his newest projects come in. They're colorful and themed and he's building a whole wall of them! They look great and it's neat to recycle them this way. Idea from Jodi M. in Florida.
  • My daughter loves her huge nylon butterflies. Her room has been transformed into a butterfly garden. They are on the wall, hang from the ceiling and the drapes. It's really cute and she had the idea herself, when she saw them at the florist shop. Michelle in Seattle

Other ideas:

Using Decorative Flags